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Hexagonal Mixer (Seasoning Mixer)
Hexagonal Mixer (Seasoning Mixer)
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Specification of Hexagonal Mixer (Seasoning Mixer)



Hexagonal Mixer (Hexagonal Mixer) Hexagonal Mixer Machine is a hexagonal hexagonal mixing machine which is commonly used to mix dry food to produce a uniform (homogeneous) result called a hexagonal mixer Features: - Stainless steel dome material - Body Optional (Iron and stainless) - Equipped fin in tube - Mixing process faster and evenly (homogeneous) - Easy to operate - Can mix the spices in various types of foodstuffs such as grains, dried herbs, cassava chips, tubers,Affordable price and warranty - Available various capacities - Custom design Start your business right now. and get the machine with a very affordable price and warranty guarantee for 1 us for more information.Our contact: 0341-794385

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