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Specification of Vacuum Frying

This machine is used to fry various types of fruit such as watermelons, apples, salak, jackfruit, dragon fruit, melons, etc.
with a vacuum system in the chips fryer makes crisper chips and sweeter without reducing the taste of the fruit.

- Made of stainless steel
- complete components of frying tubes, condensers, water tanks, pumps, water jets
- Equipped with a control panel (makes it easier for users to use the machine)
- Automatic Thermocontrol
- Stove, regulator and hose
- Crispy and sweeter fruit chips without added chemicals
- Bonus oil Drainer and Hand Sealer machines

we provide vacuum frying machines with various capacities ranging from 1.5 kg. with affordable prices and the best quality of course machinery.

Let's start your business with machines from Garuda Machinery.

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