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Automatic Screw Press Machine
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Specification of Automatic Screw Press Machine

Squeezer machine with an automatic system

This machine is used to separate coconut juice by squeezing it to get coconut milk. This machine is very efficient which automatically helps speed up the process of squeezing coconut milk in a large enough capacity to get maximum results. This machine is suitable for businesses in the field of food made from coconut milk, coconut oil or vco oil business.


- Stainless Steel

- Automatic separating of juice and pulp

- Easy to operate and clean

- Available in various capacities

- Affordable prices

- Guarantee

Have the right machine right now, quality from us is only at Garuda Machinery and we always bring you the latest innovations, order now at a very affordable price, and get a variety of other necessities with more attractive designs, powerful engine components and engines guaranteed quality. We also serve orders for various types of machines with the specifications and designs you want. Improve your productivity efforts with us.

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Coconut Processing Machine

Food Mixer Machine



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