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Specification of Local Coffee Roaster Machine

Coffee Roasted Machine
Roasted Coffee Machine is used to roast various types of grains such as corn, coffee, beans, etc. Roasting with this machine will be faster and the product will cook evenly. Equipped with thermokontrol for you to adjust the temperature according to the needs and maturity level of the product you want. This machine works with a rotary system using 3 fins to stir the product so that the resulting product ripens evenly with a relatively short time.

- Stainless steel material
- Automatic controlled thermocontrol
- Custom engine design
- There are various capacities ranging from 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 50kg, 100kg
- Equipped with wheels that are easily moved
- Equipped with stove, hose and regulator
- Equipped with a spring lever to check coffee
- Affordable prices
- Guarantee

We also provide various types of other coffee processing machines such as coffee flour and wet and dry coffee peeler. Order now and get various other machines only at Garuda Machinery at affordable prices and quality guaranteed machines. We also accept manufacturing machines with the models and designs you want.
Contact Information:
Website: www • agenmesin • com
Email: marketing @ agenmesin • com
Jl. H. Abd. Majid No.107B Pakisjajar Kec. Pakis Kab.malang

Note: before you make a transaction, please check the stock first by contacting us.

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