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Machine Powder Mixer ( Mixer Ribbon )
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Specification of Machine Powder Mixer ( Mixer Ribbon )

Machine Powder Mixer (Mixer Ribbon)

This machine is used to mix the ingredients powder (powder) such as coffee and sugar, seasoning powder, powder drinks etc. With a ribbon mixer machine mixing powdered components more quickly and evenly.

Machine specifications:

Model: Horizontal

Stirring system: Ribbon Mixer (Mixer Strip Plate Warp)

Capacity: 100 kg / Batch (one entry)

Material vessel: Stainless steel

Vessel plate thickness: 2 mm

Side plate thickness: 3 mm

The machine frame: Pipe 4x4 box SS 1 mm

Vessel dimensions: 150x65x143 cm

Dimensions: 90x48x60 cm

Mover: 3 HP motors Dinamo

Transmission: Gear Box 70 1:30 chains

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