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Seasoning Mixing Mixer

Hexagonal Mixer Machine is a hexagonal (regular hexagon) stirrer machine which is generally used to mix dry food ingredients to produce even (homogeneous) results so-called hexagonal mixers

The working principle of this hexagonal mixer is to mix materials by rotating vertically. Operation of this machine is also very easy, you only need to enter the material on the machine then turn on the engine, then the machine will stir the spices or mix the other ingredients automatically.


- Stainless steel dome material

- Stainless Steel Frame

- Equipped with fins in a tube

- The mixing process is faster and even (homogeneous)

- Easy to operate

- Can mix spices in various types of food ingredients such as seeds, dried herbs, cassava chips, tubers, etc.

- Prices are affordable and guaranteed

- Available in various capacities

- Custom design

Order now and get a very affordable price from us, a more attractive design, powerful engine components and quality guaranteed machines. We also serve various types of machine orders with the specifications and designs you want.

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Food Mixer Machine

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