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Specification of Automatic Liquid Packaging Machinery

Packaging machines of this kind serves to pack liquid materials such as mineral water, milk, juice, soy sauce, vinegar, coffee, etc. Auto Liquid Packing excess of this, among others, can automatically sterilize plastic packaging with ultra light violetnya, this machine can also be formed from a thin plastic bag into the open, print production code, filling and sealing plastic sealed and cut simultaneously. plastic materials for packaging bags usually PE and PET materials. System settings display screen there are two languages, namely English and mandarin and equipped with settings for volume filling and setting the size of bags that will be filled materials. This control system automatically regulates the process of filling and packaging in order to remain optimal and efficient so as to provide the results of filling and packaging good. Equipped also with two lamp systems that are reliable pendetekai photoelektric san stable. This machine can also ascertain whether the logo has been printed properly or not. There is a temperature control system and counter goods that have been produced by the machine. machine body is made of stainless steel. Repacking becomes easier and practical with Auto Liquid Packing

The machine is available with several types to suit your needs. Order now and get various kinds of machine you need more in Garuda Machinery with affordable prices and guaranteed quality machines. We serve a variety of types of machines with the specifications and design you want. And consult all your industrial machinery on us. Increase your productivity of our joint venture.

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