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Ginger Chopper Machine
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Specification of

Ginger Chopper Machine

We present a ginger chopper machine which is one of the most calculated machines in the ginger processing business, ginger is one of the ingredients of medicines that have many benefits ...

other than that with the use of a ginger chopper machine, the production process is done faster, more effective and will be very profitable.

The machine has been equipped with a sharp knife with good ability in chopping ginger, the use of meisn pengris ginger is so suitable applied to the process of ginger and similar products.

We provide this Ginger Chopper machine with quality stainless steel so it is safe to use in food products.

By using this machine, to chop large quantities of raw materials in a very fast time.


- Stainless steel material

- There are 3 blades

- stainless steel knife material

- thickness can be set

- affordable prices

- easy to operate

- Custom design and capacity

- Guarantee

Let's increase your productivity efforts with our machines, and get affordable prices and quality-tested machines only in the poor engine

address. Jl h Abdul Majid no107b pakis malang

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