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Mixer Machine (Ribbon Mixer)

Ribbon Mixer / Powder Mixer Machine is used to mix each component so that it is mixed evenly, this machine is commonly used to mix coffee and powdered sugar, powder dried spices, etc. with this Powder Mixer mixing every ingredient will be mixed evenly in a short time. Operation of this machine is also very easy, just put all the ingredients into this mixer powder, then all the ingredients will be mixed evenly.
Model: Horizotal
Stirring System: Ribbon Mixer (Curved Strip Plate Stirrer)
Capacity: 50 kg / batch (One Entry)
Vessel Material: Stainless Steel Dop 304
Vessel Plate Thickness: 1.5 mm
Side plate thickness: 3 mm
Engine Frame: 4x4 SS 1 Mm Pipe Box
Movers: Dinamo Motor 1 HP
Transmission: Gear Boxes & Chains

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