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Dough Mixer Machine
Dough Mixer Machine
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Specification of Dough Mixer Machine



Dough Mixer Machine

This machine is used for stirring heavy bread or cake dough. This machine is specifically designed for heavy dough, with even results, this machine is very efficient to use for those of you who have a business of fried bread, donuts, etc.

the machine is made of stainless steel for the tube and the frame of the machine uses iron.


- 2 stirrers to make the mixture quickly soft

- Material made of stainless steel for the tube and stirrer

- Easy operation with the on and off buttons

- Economical electric power

- The tube can be overturned 90 degrees

- Custome design (You can add or reduce the standard specifications of this machine)

we provide with various capacities for this dough mixer machine, immediately order and consult your business machine needs to us. Get an offer that is affordable and guaranteed.

Contact Information:

Website: www • agenmesin • com

Email: marketing @ agenmesin • com

Jl. H. Abd. Majid No.107B Pakisjajar Kec. Pakis Kab. Poor

Note: before you make a transaction, please check the stock first by contacting us.

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