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Specification of Sugar Grinding Machine

Sugar Grinding Machine is a machine used to grind granulated sugar into white sugar powder. This machine works with the engine rotation speed of 3800 rpm. So this machine is able to soften up to 80-100 mesh in a short time with the milled softer. Flour and white sugar is very much sought after to be used as a topping for cakes, cake mixes. This is a business opportunity for you that given the numerous requests powdered sugar. By using this machine you can produce 250 kg of powdered sugar within 1 hour.


Model: TFTJ - 250

Dimensions: 124 x 96 x 173 cm

Capacity: Hoper: 50 Kg

                  Production: 250 Kg / Hour

Power: 7000 + 1500 Watt

Weight: 500 Kg

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